Saturday, June 10, 2006

Some discussion on the mbe

online tips for the mbe

I especially like this post


totally agree re tactics.
I found PMBR/BarBri explanations to be tedious, prolix, and painful to read. Awful stuff. [PMBR quoted treatises, and BB was so repetitive that it was like some kind of cult programming.]
BUT I forced myself to read them thoroughly so that I got the "why" of it and wasn't just picking "D" due to reflex or familiarity with some prep-course's material.
Eventually, it stuck in my head.

On MBE day, I used some test-taking gimmicks to goose myself:
-- Purposely tracked and underestimated my available time by drawing a line after Qs 40/140 (one-hour mark) and 80/180 (two-hour mark)
-- Answered "I know it!" Qs immediately, based on gut response, but skipped those that required more than 30 secs' thought.
Then, after hitting Q 100 (or 200), went back over the blanks -- sometimes leaving REALLY rough ones blank.
Then went over those really-rough blanks, from 1-100 or 101-200.
That was three passes, just to fill in one bubble per Q.

At the end, I still had time to go over each set of Qs (1-100, 101-200) twice, but intentionally did NOT change any answer unless I knew that I'd really & truly guessed at it, as in "Duh, oh Hell -- B looks nice."

I am NO test whiz. But I was freaked by the MBE matl and its huge importance on the exam -- so I forced myself to absorb this geeky stuff and come up with a coldblooded Survival Plan. The Plan's basics were:
(1) I can't POSSIBLY know everything, but must know how this test works and what it wants.
(2) I can't afford to get stuck or not finish this %$#@ thing and lose points on stuff I know, due to lack of time.


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