Thursday, June 22, 2006

California bar exam essays

California bar exam essays, I have read, are among the hardest, if not the hardest essays in the nation. Why that is, exactly, I'm not sure. Like most of the bar, the subject matter itself isn't harder. New York, for example, tests on many more subjects. What apparently is different is the grading. The mbe score required is higher than most, and the graders, IMO have been told to grade as harshly as possible. The bar will deny this, but I love conspiracy theories when they fit in with the general demeanor of a bad actor. Did Bush blow up the WTC to get re-elected? NO. And you are retarded if you believe that. The Republicans don't know their ass from a hole in the ground. Fortunately most people who voted for them don't either. Did Enron game the California energy market? You better fucking believe it. I was watching the power go out in my classroom near the end of winter, when power usage was seasonally low. Not that Gray Davis had the testicles to stand up and be counted at that perfect moment.

Anyway, the bar probably has spies in barbri. But more importantly they pick ONE test that is absolutely the one designed to shake you off the tree.

Last night, I'm looking at a Wills and Trusts question that is literally two thirds negligence. And it wasn't a crossover. I suspect five questions are straightforward, and one question makes everyone go "WTF?"


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