Thursday, June 29, 2006

Progress report

I've reduced the number of mbe's I do a day to about fifty because I've come to realize that a good part of the reason why I do it is because it's easier than actually writing and outlining and memorizing.

I consider memorizing to be the most boring, grueling portion and in law school I generally avoided it by simply writing down rules as often as possible rather than repeating a rule verbatim again and again, checking to see if I got it right. I found the old approach far too time consuming. It is nonetheless essential, and if there is a glaring weakness in my game it's my inability to write and know the exact rules of law for essays. I had a set of Jeff Adachi's bar cards that someone left in the library but because it was missing a few sections, I bought a new set. I consider them absolute treasure. Everything I need to know in BLL is there.

The other issue is bar tricksterism. I've given up on trying to logically figure out why about ten to twenty percent of the mbe's are wrong. The explanations conflict with other explanations, and some day when I have the time I will do an expose. Of course it's an old issue, like affirmative action and water rights, but still it's hard to believe such incompetence is perpetuated. My naivete known no bounds.

Anyway, I was writing a wills and trusts question and outlined it, then proceeded to panic. I had spotted only the trust elements, a charitable trust, and cy pres. Considering it was a page long fact pattern, I was worried. After a little bit, I panicked so much I gave up and looked at the answer. I had, in fact, spotted everything but equitable deviation.

People say that ever bar exam answer is a racehorse. This does not appear to be the case, and I can state unequivocally that I have looked at many more tests than the average candidate. Some are and some are not. If you mistake one for the other, you are fucking up.

My fiance woke up and asked me to strip the sheets and maybe throw them in the washer and be home between three and six for the delivery of the new bed. Then she proceeds to wash dishes, making a shitload of noise while I'm going over flashcards. I'm annoyed, but shit, she has the clean the house.

I go in the kitchen and get some water and she asks me if I have four minutes can I empty the dishwasher or something like that. I exploded. I think I used the f-word several times. She asked me to not talk to her that way.

She left without saying goodbye and I sat there stewing. Now I couldn't study. It's amazing how fragile your mindset is when you are doing something like this. The only answer I could think of was to call her and have it out. We argued for an hour straight on the phone. Concluded that she needs to go somewhere else for a while. Then back to reading flashcards into a recorder...


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