Sunday, April 24, 2005


The proliferation of nuclear weapons doesn't bother me nearly as much as the proliferation of biological and chemical weapons, which are much cheaper and lend themselves to use by terrorists more easily, but that doesn't mean Iranians with nukes isn't a problem. The US has already shot their wad in Iraq trying to prevent the spread of these weapons while the North Koreans actually WERE developing one. I don't think a day goes by that doesn't demonstrate how dangerously incompetent the current administration is.

The Iranians, who have been one of the largest sponsors of state terrorism in the world, are convinced that because Iraq is such a mess that they are untouchable. It is precisely this sort of idiotic machismo that got Iraq invaded in the first place. If there wasn't already ample evidence that we had a loose cannon in office with equally careless people surrounding him, I wouldn't think they were idiots. But now they are determined to get a weapons to keep us out of their country.

Of course in watching how the US is kissing North Korean ass like there's no tomorrow ever since they got a nuke, it's hard to blame the Iranians. They realize these weapons have a realdeterrent. But they are also unaware of the main difference between them and North Korea.

I am always getting the typical "why didn't we invade N. Korea if we were worried about nukes?" You don't have to believe me, go look for yourself. The North Koreans have eight hundred thousand soldiers, four thousand battle tanks, eight hundred combat aircraft, and enough artillery within range of the capital of South Korea to level the entire city in fifteen minutes. Estimated casualties in repelling an attack range around ten million.

NO such situation existed in Iraq.

Iran is a dangerous, backward nation that alongside Syria represents the greatest threat to world peace just behind North Korea, who I see as in first place.

This is usually the part in the discussion where somebody throws in Israel's nukes in order to poison the debate. There really isn't a lot you can say to people who are completely and willfully ignorant of the difference between liberal democracies like Israel that have a number of problems and totalitarian nations like Iran and Syria where the opposition is simply tortured, butchered and disappeared while the Mullahs export death and hate throughout the world. I don't know of an Israeli President who ever called on all muslims to kill a writer (and in my opinion, not a particularly good one) for offending their religious beliefs.


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