Thursday, June 22, 2006

Is this true?

I've never heard this before and I'm skeptical. Does anyone know if this is true?

The California State Bar Association treats bar passage as a process of "filling slots." I personally do not appreciate or like the slot I'm destined to compete in. I am discriminated against since my "slot" has such a low passage rate, which never changes over the years. I am not being given a fair chance compared to other applicants who are in the “more favorable slot" with five times my passage potential since their passage percentage is allowed to be five times higher than my passage percentage.

I am in the "slot" with the next-to-lowest passage percentage, consisting of applicants who attended ABA-accredited schools OUTSIDE of California. In addition, this category also contains practicing attorneys from outside jurisdictions, who have practiced for at least four years and are taking the California bar. I am pitted against these already practicing attorneys, making this "slot" even more difficult for a non-practicing applicant. These slots and their respective bar passage percentages are pre-determined before the submissions are graded, and each applicant’s exam answers are pitted against the other applicants in their same “slot,” NOT the entire bar-taking group, which would be equitable.



Blogger jessicarachel06 said...

I haven't heard that this is true. Myself, being a recently admitted CA attorney who attended an ABA accredited law school outside of CA. You need to definitely look at the first time taker pass rate. That's what kept my mojo going!!! :-)

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