Thursday, June 01, 2006

From the underclass....

Murray Cockerill wrote:

I should not have looked at my exams...the words "arbitrary and capricious" seem to be the only way to express my thoughts on it. As you well know.

Old 60 grit sandpaper snatch property professor gave me over a 90 on one essay and a 65 on another. She spent most of the red ink she spilled on my exam complaining that I really need to proof read.

On the 90 she said the classic, "though I don't agree with your conclusion you did show the ability to make a reasoned argument."

Yeah, I would interpret that as, "though I never thought about this particular argument when I made the test, you showed me that I don't know everything and it's too painful for me to admit it."

On the 65 test she wrote, "it seemed like you were struggling with your answer." Thanx...that was helpful. I should appeal on just her call of the queston alone. The call was two LONG sentences that called for us to construct a legal memorandum that would discuss the relative 'STRENGTHS and WEAKNESSES' of this parties' argument vs. this parties argument.
I'm paraphrasing but her call was so fucked up it took me serious time to think about how to come up with a response. And, obviously I didn't give her what she wanted.

Wally, you were so fucking right about the part where I just KNOW that I knew more, answered better than others and still got a lower grade. That really has begun to chafe me crack. I need to let that go and just enjoy going on to third year BUT, it's not objective and...anyway you know the rest.

I lost, four percentage points in property to my mid-terms,

Lost two percentage points in evidence to my mid-terms

And one percentage point in Civ Pro to my mid-terms

That, is the reason I should never have looked at my exams.

Oh, well...fuck all of that onward and upward.

Keep the faith bro
On the other hand you should have at least looked at civil procedure, because he is fair. I wouldn't have even bothered reading Property, other than for the morbid fascination akin to watching a car accident.

One thing that makes me feel better is that I know this kind of bullshit won't happen so easily on the bar. The bar exam is unfair, but for different reasons. Some of the mbe's are simply wrong or so ambiguous that there is no demonstrably correct answer. The essays you at least get six graders for each test, who are "normed" in order to make the standards all at least "standard". If there is some question of whether you pass, you get another grader, and even another, whose job it is to give you a lower grade, for the most part. but at least you aren't at the mercy of a single petty tyrant with near godlike power whose grade can almost NEVER be overturned on "appeal".

There's nothing like witnesses to make a person honest....

I'm going to put this exchange on my blog...


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