Thursday, June 01, 2006

What gives with PMBR?

I think I understand a little better what "girl walks into a bar exam" was talking about in her gripe against PMBR. The questions are often too difficult, way beyond what is required for the bar. Although I've already complained about this, I'm not done yet. If you don't like it, stop reading. I'm here to vent. Your here to waste time. You will never get back the two minutes it takes to read my dribble.

I went through about forty pmbr questions in the blue second book, and was utterly destroyed by the torts questions, getting below fifty percent. I threw the book across the room at it is now lodged in the five inch gap between the wall and the bookshelf. I think it will stay there.

I go back to Micromash and do 29, and end up with about 65%. That's a fifteen percent point differential. A guy who I respect, who passed the bar exam the first time using Micromash, said the mbe's are the best part of MM.

While I find 65% to be unacceptable, MM says that is the minimum level of competency. With just less than three months to go, I should be able to bump it up. As long as I stay away from the notion that unecessarily difficult questions help me, I'll be fine.



Anonymous The Rueff said...

The true meaning of the acronym PMBR is "proving my brain's retarded". Don't sweat the blue book. I did all the questions in both books preparing for the Feb. IL bar, averaged about 60% and never above 75% right on any given set of 50, still came out of the MBE with at least a 145 (IL doesn't release scores so all I know is I got at least a 145 because I waived into MN). You're doing plenty fine, especially this early in the game. Just be thankful you aren't learning all that crap for the first time like I was. Good luck!

4:37 PM  
Blogger ValleyGirlLawyer said...

I never got above 65%, and only used PMR, and passed the first time!! Stick with it!!!

9:28 PM  

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